Tritschler Associates

Gabriella Tritschler


Gabriella was born and raised in Germany. She very quickly discovered her passion for hospitality after studying at Le Sorbonne in Paris and gaining her initial training at privately owned five star Colombi Hotel in Freiburg. Thereafter she joined the boutique luxury Hampshire Hotel in London and worked with Le Meridien on Piccadilly in London.

After attending the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, Gabriella moved to Hotel Bel-Air™ where she was eventually appointed to the position of Reservations Manager. She transferred to privately owned Red Rock Resorts in Arizona and Washington to become the driving force overseeing the successful reorganisation of the company’s entire reservations and leisure sales as well as corporate sales structure.

When leaving Red Rock Resorts, Gabriella Tritschler joined London based Supranational Hotels where she grew into a highly respected senior member of their  corporate and consortia sales team. Amongst other smaller projects, her latest project lies with Fastbooking, the global industry leader to optimise digital distribution of more than 8.000 hotels worldwide. She is a member of the Cornell Hotel Society.

The main focus of Gabriella’s consultancy is the GDS and Corporate Hotel Support – i.e. the optimization of cross-regional sales activities of hotels with a focus on the business travel segment. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in intensive sales support and cooperation with business travel agencies, TMC’s, consortia and large global companies in virtually every country, Gabriella has established herself as an esteemed leader in her field of expertise in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Hotels with a focus on business and corporate travel, benefit from her innovative ideas, personal network and in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art solutions. The scope of her expertise consists of analysing the current state of affairs of a hotel and jointly developing the required base of business clientele and regions; building business relationships with a large number of companies to achieve hotel contract listings; increasing the booking volume continuously; offering assistance in filling in framework agreements, the various ‘RFP tools’ and their pricing; training hotel staff in the areas of sales and marketing and the entire contracting management; organising individual sales trips and road shows as well as participation at selected trade fairs.